John Mayer Reacts To ‘Sob Rock’ Hitting No. 2 On The ‘Billboard’ Chart: ‘This Is A New Beginning’

Ever since John Mayer compared his latest record, Sob Rock, to a sh*tpost, we all knew it was going to be a thing of beauty. Damn, if it isn’t his best record in years, and I even *liked* Paradise Valley! Anyway, the record is doing really well because it’s a project where he’s embracing his “tuneful cheeseball” self. But that’s not a diss, there’s something to be said for simply owning who you are, and Mayer has always been at his best when he’s writing introspectively catchy songs that delve into messier narratives than the perfect package of a pop hit.

As the album landed in the the No. 2 position on Billboard chart this week, beat only by Pop Smoke’s posthumous release, Faith, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to reflect on his legacy.

“I’ve been making music for a while now,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’ve had my rocket ride years, my figure-it-out years, and most recently the years of having settled into myself and proudly passing the love of music on to others. That’s how the story goes, if you’re lucky. I don’t know what to make of still having a seat at this table. I just don’t. I only know it has everything to do with you. So thank you. For inhabiting the space inside the music I’ve made, and most importantly – for giving me the opportunity to feel this kind of success with my true, fully assembled self. This is a new beginning. With love and gratitude, John.”

In his post, Mayer shared Pop Smoke’s cover, along with Olivia Rodrigo and Doja Cat, who took the No. 3 and No. 4 slots on the album chart, respectively. And while it’s cool to see him honoring his peers, it’s also good context for the success of this record! For him to be slated alongside those three much younger stars says a lot about his staying power. If you do go check out Sob Rock I recommend starting with “New Light,” easily the best song on the record.

Congrats John! Now, who’s ready to let bygones be bygones and have him hop on the upcoming “Dear John” (Taylor’s Version) for a sick guitar solo?