Julien Baker Continues A Prolific Year With The Triumphant Singles ‘Tokyo’ And ‘Sucker Punch’

Indie singer/songwriter Julien Baker broke out with her 2015 debut record Sprained Ankle, which Uproxx rated No. 66 in the best albums from this decade. Since then, the singer has been steadily releasing music. This year has been no different. After a well-received collaboration last year with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, Boygenius, Julien Baker joined forces with Sub Pop to put forth the singles “Tokyo” and “Sucker Punch.” Because the two tracks were a contribution to the record label’s revived 7″ Sub Pop Singles Club, the songs were never available for streaming until now.

“Tokyo” opens with jangly electric guitar strumming and transitions to a reflective ballad. Baker’s signature expressive vocals color the track’s simple instrumentation, which climaxes to an eruption of synths and snares. “Sucker Punch,” on the other hand, is even more stripped down. On the second single, Baker opts for just a guitar and back up harmonies, crafting a simple yet emotionally impactful tune.

While “Tokyo” is about the feeling of experiencing loneliness in a new city, Baker looks to her support system in a time of need with “Sucker Punch.” Both singles showcase Baker’s impressive vocal range and highlight the singer’s prolific talent.

Listen to “Tokyo” above and “Sucker Punch” below.

“Tokyo” and “Sucker Punch” are out now via Sub Pop. Get them here.