Kevin Morby Performed ‘Sundowner’ Songs And Did Silly Things On Adult Swim’s ‘Fishcenter’

Fishcenter Live is a strange Adult Swim program (more strange than most of their stuff) which focuses on fish in a tank. They have musical performances as well, and they’ve hooked some big-time artists over the past few years, like Post Malone, Alvvays, 100 Gecs, and Cage The Elephant. On a recent episode, the show was graced with the presence of Kevin Morby, who gave an acoustic performance (remote from Kansas City, Kansas) of multiple Sundowner songs while virtually surrounded by real fish and fake tank decorations, as part of the program’s fall concert series. The show aired on October 7, but the “Provisions” performance was just uploaded to YouTube today.

Morby had some fun elsewhere during the two-hour broadcast. Morby helped field phone calls from viewers, wrote a song for a fish, and played a game called “Kevin Morby’s Dick,” a trivia game where callers were tasked with answering questions about the classic novel Moby Dick and about Morby himself.

Meanwhile, Morby previously said of Sundowner, “It is a depiction of isolation. Of the past. Of an uncertain future. Of provisions. Of an omen. Of a dead deer. Of an icon. Of a Los Angeles themed hotel in rural Kansas. Of billowing campfires, a mermaid and a highway lined in rabbit fur. It is a depiction of the nervous feeling that comes with the sky’s proud announcement that another day will be soon coming to a close as the pink light recedes and the street lamps and house lights suddenly click on.”

Watch the full Fishcenter Live episode (which won’t be available after tomorrow, October 13) here.