Kississippi Copes With An Unrequited Crush In Her Lovesick ‘Around Your Room’ Video

Kississippi first arrived on the scene with her 2016 EP We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed. After honing her sound and signing to Triple Crown Records, Kississippi is gearing up to flex her poptimist songwriting on an upcoming release. Sharing a taste of her new music, Kississippi debuts the playful and lovelorn track “Around Your Room” alongside a blushing video.

Directed by Josh Coll, Kississippi’s “Around Your Room” video depicts the singer’s all-encompassing infatuation with a crush. The visual opens with Kississippi daydreaming about waking up beside her crush. Further following her lovelorn vision, Kississippi lays out her perfect day with her lover: making breakfast in the morning, watching TV, and finally, dancing around his room. “Anything to be near you / Dancing around your room,” she sings at the chorus.

Co-written by Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin and with a melody that would sit easily on a Taylor Swift album, Kississippi says the song is a reflection on the “hopeless” feeling of young love. “This song tells a story of yearning and infatuation,” Kississippi explained in a statement. “It’s about being hopelessly enamored in a way that took me back to my youthful perception of love. It represents those moments where you’re fully infatuated with someone and they’re all you can think about.”

Watch Kississippi’s “Around Your Room” video above.