Koreless Befriends Some Feral Ravers The Fantastical FKA Twigs-Directed ‘White Picket Fence’ Video

It’s been about a week since Welch producer Lewis Roberts released his glitchy album Agor under the moniker Koreless. To future explore the LP’s experimental sound, Koreless has tapped his friend and collaborator FKA Twigs to direct a video to the project’s ethereal track “White Picket Fence.”

Koreless’ “White Picket Fence” video marks the first time FKA Twigs has directed a visual for another artist. Shot in the English countryside, the fantastical visual sees Koreless pulling up to a pond in a bright green Lamborghini. A group of feral ravers sporting distressed clothing join him as the song’s gossamer vocal samples provide an atmospheric background.

Speaking about directing the video, Twigs praised Roberts’s music:

“Lewis is not only a dear friend of mine but also one of my favourite collaborators. His sonic palette is equally as alien and other worldly as it is grounded and in me it evokes feelings of being close to nature. For Lewis’ video I wanted to create this in a visual. The mystery intertwined with a feeling of familiarity. The ‘White Picket Fence’ visual is a modern day reenactment of a fable that doesn’t exist. Each character represents a sound in the music and the audience is a voyeur as the music is personified into a mystical happening. This is my first time directing a music video for another artist, I am so grateful to Koreless and Object & Animal for the opportunity.”

Echoing Twigs’ statement, Roberts added: “Twigs and I have spent a lot of time in the studio recently, I’ve got an enormous amount of respect for her as a musician and visual artist. I’d always loved how she brought her songs to life with her visual insights, and when she came to me with an idea for ‘White Picket Fence’ it was a no brainer. ‘White Picket Fence’ is one of the most precious songs on the album, but I trusted her to have full control and love the result.”

Watch the “White Picket Fence” video above.

Agor is out now via Young. Get it here.