Kurt Vile Covered Neil Young’s ‘Heart Of Gold’ In Support Of Joe Biden’s Campaign

Kurt Vile joined several other musicians like Taylor Swift and JoJo this week by endorsing Joe Biden for president. The singer appeared on a livestream as part of Biden’s Team Joe Sings initiative where he performed a handful of songs, including a cover of Neil Young’s classic “Heart Of Gold.”

Vile opened the set with a rendition of his Bottled It In track “Bassackwards.” Then, the singer was joined by his two young daughters Delphine and Awilda for heartwarming covers of “Heart Of Gold,” as well as Gillian Welch’s “Wayside/Back in Time.”

Offering his support of Biden’s campaign during the set, Vile said:

“Me and my family are for Biden and Harris for so many reasons but I’ll just list a few. One of them is that climate change is totally real and it’s endangering lives and livelihoods everywhere. I want the planet safe for my children and I want people who don’t deny that it’s an issue, it’s pretty obvious. There’s been fires forever but they’re getting out of control and the whole west coast is on fire, it’s a real thing. Biden and Harris aren’t afraid to say that Black lives matter and they don’t deny systemic racism in our society and all these things, all these problems coming to a boiling point. We are just supposed to unite and not divide. We need a president who respects women as equals and Kamala Harris is amazing and Joe Biden has a heart — they both have a heart and they both want to help.”

Watch Kurt Vile cover Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold,” and Gillian Welch’s “Wayside/Back in Time,” and sing “Bassackwards” above.

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