Lana Del Rey Is Releasing A Covers Record To Hold Fans Over Until ‘Chemtrails’

While many Americans watched the results of the election roll in Tuesday from their homes, Lana Del Rey instead waited it out in a Denny’s. Before she vehemently denied a fan’s claim that she voted for Trump, Lana issued an exciting announcement from her Denny’s table. Because the production of her upcoming record Chemtrails Over The Country Club has been delayed, the singer is going to release an LP of American classics in time for Christmas.

Speaking about Chemtrails, Lana said the record has a “16-week delay on the vinyl process, so in the meantime, I’m going to give you a digital record of American standards and classics for Christmas because I can’t get the record plants to open until March 5. That probably goes for a lot of people out there.”

Continuing to speak about her upcoming project, Lana said she also worked on an acapella rendition of the Liverpool FC anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone:”

“In the meantime, I did this beautiful acapella version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ for this awesome documentary about a Liverpool football manager and a bunch of other little things. But yes, I’ll still be recording. Chemtrails is done. I love it, it’s folk-y, it’s beautiful, it’s super different from Norman. I just thought that was the best option. I was stressed out when I heard the production was going to take 16 to 17 weeks but it is what it is. But in the meantime, I have some Patsy Cline songs I’ve been wanting to cover for a really long time, a couple of really cool Americana songs with Nikki Lane that I’ve just kind of had in my back pocket.”

After teasing her upcoming Christmas project, Lana shared a clip of her singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” acapella.

Watch Lana Del Rey full statement above.