Leon Bridges Journeys To Capture The Sun’s Rays In His ‘Texas Sun’ Video With Khruangbin

Late last year, instrumental psychedelia trio Khruangbin teamed up with Leon Bridges for the soulful four-track project Texas Sun. With the title track as the lead single, the project takes listeners on a tour through the desert. But they didn’t stop there: The new video for “Texas Sun” is a cinematic journey to seize something special.

Directed by Philip Andelman, the “Texas Sun” clip tells the story of a man who embarks on a solo journey across the Lone Star state in order to capture the sun’s bright rays. A father drives across picturesque landscapes in search of the perfect opportunity to collect rays of sun and trap it in a box to give to his daughter.

Andelman said in a statement that the video aims to transport the viewer just as the song does. “I had never felt this transported by a song, never felt such a powerful need to shoot anything before in my life,” Andelman said. “We traveled out to East Texas and just started driving, creating our own set of adventures as we went along: meetings with pecan farmers in Van Horn, mezcal dealers in Marfa, ranchers in Valentine. We didn’t have much gear, just a camera, some incandescent bulbs, a tripod and ratchet straps. We fell into a family of friends in Marfa who took us over the finish line, rustling up wardrobes and cars, a neighbor with a home to shoot in, an ex-boyfriend with a drone. Calling this a labor of love would be an understatement; it was the ride of a lifetime.”

Watch the “Texas Sun” video above.

Texas Sun is out now via Dead Oceans/Columbia Records/Night Time Stories Ltd. Get it here.