Lucy Dacus Had No Problem Assigning Soda Flavors To The Personalities Of Each Boygenius Member

Answering a pressing query that was surely on everyone’s mind, Lucy Dacus has revealed what soda flavors most closely align with her Boygenius (herself plus Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker) bandmates’ personalities. Chatting with fans via Reddit AMA, the singer-songwriter, who just released her third studio album, Home Video, answered a fan question that went, “Which member of Boygenius is which soda?” Hey, inquiring minds need to know!

In response, Dacus said that “Julien [Baker is] probably Mountain Dew/Dr Pepper, Phoebe [Bridgers is] Monster/La Croix, [and] I’m Blue Gatorade/Sprite, if that counts.” The questions also swerved into more serious territory, with one fan wanting to know what it had been like to reveal so much about her evolving feelings on her Christian upbringing upon releasing Home Video. She said:

“It’s not necessarily easy, I still get calls here and there from my mom because she’s upset about something I said in an interview. but I have a hard time not being honest (I wish I lied more, I think I would feel safer).”

Dacus has recently made noise about wanting the members of Boygenius to play together again (in 2018, the indie supergroup made a splash with their self-titled EP). Speaking to Thandiwe Newton for Interview Magazine this week, Dacus said, “We want to play together again so bad. I think we’re so busy, but we would take any excuse, we miss each other so much.”