Lucy Dacus’ Aggressive Cover Of ‘Last Christmas’ Is ‘Maybe A Tad Psychotic’

You would be forgiven for forgetting that Thanksgiving is coming up soon, because once Halloween is over and we reach November, the world immediately and enthusiastically shifts into full-on Christmas mode. That said, Lucy Dacus isn’t huge on Christmas. As part of her yearlong series in which she has released new songs based on holidays, though, she recorded a Christmas song: Today, she has shared her rendition of Wham!’s “Last Christmas,” which takes a decidedly different approach than the original.

While the original is tame ’80s pop, Dacus’ rendition is far more rocking and in-your-face, which makes for a refreshing and fun take on the track. Dacus said of the song, “I don’t really like Christmas. In the studio, we listened to the original of ‘Last Christmas’ and didn’t talk about an arrangement. I just told everyone to play it angry. This is what happened first take. It actually came out pretty fun, maybe a tad psychotic.”

All of Dacus’ holiday songs will be collected on an EP titled 2019, which is scheduled for release on November 8. The only song remaining from the tracklist that hasn’t been released yet is “Fool’s Gold,” which will honor New Year’s.

Listen to Dacus’ rendition of “Last Christmas” above.

2019 is out 11/8 via Matador. Pre-order it here.