Machine Gun Kelly Announced His New Album Via Matching Tattoos With Travis Barker

Machine Gun Kelly fully solidified his pop-punk pivot with his 2020 album Tickets To My Downfall. Travis Barker played a major role in bringing that project to life, and now the two are linking up once again for Kelly’s next project, the title of which the pair got creative with announcing today.

In a tweet from this afternoon, he wrote, “i’m gonna announce the album title today i’m tired of hiding it.” Then he followed that with a photo of himself and Travis Barker sporting matching forearm tattoos that reveal the album title and captioned it, “‘born with horns’ the album. back for round two…”

So, the album is called Born With Horns, and presumably, it will feature more of the pop-punk sound that Kelly settled into on Tickets To My Downfall. So far, the title of Born With Horns is the only confirmed info about it, so we don’t yet have album art, a tracklist, or a release date.

Adopting his new pop-punk aesthetic has certainly been a successful endeavor for Kelly, as Tickets To My Downfall became his first No. 1 album after its release. The album also got great TV exposure, as Kelly performed on Saturday Night Live and he and Barker guested on The Late Late Show.