Marilyn Manson Is Wanted On Assault Charges For Allegedly Spitting On A Videographer

Marilyn Manson’s alleged wrongdoings from his past have once again caught up to him. On Tuesday, New Hampshire’s Gilford Police Department revealed that an arrest warrant on assault charges was in place for the singer in regards to a 2019 incident. Video obtained by TMZ allegedly shows Manson, during a concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion on August 18, 2019, spitting into a camera that was used as a part of the venue’s feed. The videographer who was behind the camera also claims that some of the singer’s spit landed on them, and as a result, they decided to press charges.

The Gilford Police Department says Manson will face two counts of simple assault for the incident. In a statement they shared on Tuesday, the police department said Manson and his representatives “have been aware of the warrant for some time and no effort has been made by him to return to New Hampshire to answer the pending charges.” He could potentially spend two years in prison and face a $4,000 fine as a result of the charges.

Officials also made it clear that the warrant they issued is in no way connected to the sexual assault allegations that Manson has faced in past months, over which the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff Department and the FBI have reportedly begun investigations. Manson was also recently sued by actress Esme Bianco, who made human trafficking and abuse allegations against him.

You can watch the video from the 2019 concert here.