Marina Hands Off ‘Man’s World’ To Empress Of And Pabllo Vittar For A Thumping Remix

Marina made a vibrant return to music in 2020 with the compelling track “Man’s World,” pointing to a new era of music from the beloved pop singer. While Marina has yet to release the single’s follow-up, she has instead shared a few alternate renditions of the track. She previously debuted a stripped-down version of “Man’s World,” as well as a remix of the song by Muna. Now, Mariana is serving up another “Man’s World” remix, this time by Empress Of and Pabllo Vittar.

Marina tapped songwriter/producer Empress Of to rework her single’s instrumentals. The remix turns the track’s energy up a few notches by throwing in a thumping beat. Empress Of also called upon award-winning Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar for the vocals, mixing their voice with layers of lush synths.

At the time of its release, Marina explained her inspiration behind the single:

“I wrote it last summer in August. I’d already decided I was gonna write this new record alone, and the process felt like a reaction to what I had previously released, which is often the case. Each record I do is sort of like the opposite of the previous one. At the time I was mostly inspired by the shifts that are happening for people who are discriminated against. The original idea for the song was to write a snapshot of how women and LGBTQ+ individuals have been subjugated and discriminated against throughout history going back to the Salem witch trials, where any person who was deemed abnormal or slightly alternative was singled out. Those kinds of patterns are still present in society. That’s something inspiring to me and worth writing about.”

Shortly after the single’s original release, Marina revealed in a Bose Studio Visit that her next album is nearly complete. “It’s a very slow process for me,” she explained. “The last record, it was more about finding solace in nature, and this record almost more is like a backdrop to what’s going on. We are in the time where there’s so much anxiety about how the planet is suffering. So, it doesn’t feature in a kind of rosy way as it has done in previous records.”

Listen to “Man’s World (Remix) featuring Empress Of and Pabblo Vittar above.

Marina is a Warner Music artist. .