Matt Berninger Recruited Future Islands To Put Their Spin On A Remix Of ‘One More Second’

Matt Berninger worked with an esteemed roster of collaborators on his debut solo album Serpentine Prison, and now he has added another after the fact: He got Future Islands to contribute a new remix of “One More Second,” and they really put their mark on the track.

It immediately sounds more like a Future Islands song thanks to the band’s signature persistent bass sound in the opening and then throughout. Another major element of the band’s sound, soaring synths, is also used in full effect here to really make it sound like Berninger’s vocals are laid atop a Future Islands track.

Berninger is a fan, as he said of the re-worked track, “Every time I put on Future Islands my impression of the human condition improves. Their remix of ‘One More Second’ kills me.”

Fans wanting to learn more about the collaboration can look forward to tomorrow, as Berninger and Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring will be talking about it on Instagram Live.

Berninger recently told Uproxx about what it was like recording Serpentine Prison with Booker T. Jones, saying, “We moved really fast. We recorded everything in 14 days including almost all the overdubs. He would say, ‘Matt we got that one, let’s move on to another fish.’ He’s like, ‘We don’t need to keep catching this tuna. Let’s go find a shark.’ He moves fast.”

Listen to the Future Islands remix of “One More Second” above, compare it to the original version below, and revisit our interview with Berninger here. Also check out our recent chat with Future Islands here.

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