Some Guy Made A Toilet That Looks Like Metallica’s Lars Ulrich

As Tarō Gomi, the Japanese children’s book author known for Everyone Poops, once wrote (or rather, as their words were once translated), “everyone poops.” The book was originally published in 1977, with the English translation arriving in 1993, and indeed, the core message of the book still rings true today. There’s one Metallica fan out there, though, who has a different pooping experience than the rest of us thanks to their special toilet, which looks like Lars Ulrich.

Loudwire notes that Florida metal musician Prince Midnight created a toilet that’s a statue of Ulrich sitting, but it was molded around a toilet so the still-functional bowl is between his spread legs. He told Loudwire, “Make no mistake, this is not me taking a jab at Lars. This is my way, albeit unconventional, to honor Lars Ulrich and Metallica. I could have painted a picture or made a traditional sculpture, but no one would have even noticed, and really, that’s not the kind of art and performance I do. The first band I ever loved was Metallica, the first record I became obsessed with, the first music I ever dove into, the concert I ever attended.”

For those who saw this toilet and dreamed of sitting on or standing in front of it, there’s good news: The toilet will actually be available for use at a Prince Midnight concert, at the Tampa, Florida venue Brass Mug on December 3. It sounds like a worthwhile trip because honestly, nothing else bladders except for this toilet, the true master of pooppets.