Mitski Goes Country On ‘The Baddy Man,’ An Early Preview Of Her ‘This Is Where We Fall’ Soundtrack

Sorry no, Mitski isn’t announcing a new album cycle. I’m sorry to be the one to disappoint you on that front. However, there is a slew of new Mitski songs coming soon, in a different form than fans might be used to.

News broke last fall that new music from the breakout indie star is coming courtesy of a soundtrack for Chris Miskiewicz and Vincent Kings’ graphic novel This Is Where We Fall on Z2 Comics. It’s not totally clear if Mitski is going to be the only one working on the soundtrack to the adaptation of their work, which is a sci-fi story that touches on “theology, death, and the after-life,” but they did call her soundtrack a “companion piece.”

Today the first preview of that companion piece is here, dubbed “The Baddy Man,” the song is a pretty straightforward, rollicking country track. It’s a very different sound for Mitski. (Seems like she took the phrase Be The Cowboy even more seriously on this one!)

“It was exciting to make a soundtrack for a comic book,” the singer said about the soundtrack when it was announced. “It allowed me to work outside of my usual songwriting form and try to approach it like a score, but without any of the cues that come with working alongside a moving image, which ended up being both freeing and challenging. I hope the end result helps to immerse you in the story!”