Maren Morris, Jason Isbell, And Other Country Stars Disavow Morgan Wallen After He Used Racist Language

Morgan Wallen has become a crossover country star in recent months, with his latest release, Dangerous: The Double Album, spending multiple weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 (a spot it holds on the current chart). His ascent hasn’t been without controversy, though. First, there was the maskless party that got him booted from Saturday Night Live (although he appeared on the show weeks later). Now, he’s in even hotter water after he was filmed using the N-word. Wallen offered an apology, but that wasn’t enough to stop his label, Big Loud, from suspending his recording contract.

Now, some of Wallen’s country music peers have spoken out against him. Maren Morris offered a tweet that was a response to country fans who insist that Wallen’s behavior isn’t representative of Nashville, as she wrote, “It actually IS representative of our town because this isn’t his first ‘scuffle’ and he just demolished a huge streaming record last month regardless. We all know it wasn’t his first time using that word. We keep them rich and protected at all costs with no recourse.”

She also responded to a tweet from songwriter/producer Bonnie J. Baker, which read, “if a female artist did 5% of the sh*t he has pulled she would be dropped immediately by everyone.” Morris added, “yup. we’d be dropped, endorsements lost, social pariahs to music row…” Morris’ tweets, by the way, were posted before Wallen’s label revealed the contract suspension.

Jason Isbell was asked for his thoughts about Wallen and he didn’t mince words with his tweeted response: “Wallen’s behavior is disgusting and horrifying. I think this is an opportunity for the country music industry to give that spot to somebody who deserves it, and there are lots of black artists who deserve it.”

Kelsea Ballerini also weighed in on the situation, with her initial reaction being a tweet that reads, “The news out of Nashville tonight does not represent country music.” Another user replied, “This might not be YOU. It may not be country artists YOU associate with. But not acknowledging that this DOES exists, in spades in the genre, allows people to wash their hands of trying to get it fixed.” Ballerini responded with gratitude by acknowledging the person’s point: “I hear you, and absolutely acknowledge this…thank you.”

Find some tweets about the Wallen situation from other country artists below.