Morgan Wallen Reportedly Ghosted NAACP Nashville Despite Their Initial Plans To Meet Up

Morgan Wallen is slowly working his way back into the spotlight after spending some quiet months to himself after the singer was caught on camera using a racial slur with friends back in early February. He quickly apologized for the incident but not without consequences: He was reprimanded by his peers and record label suspended his contract. Shortly after the video surfaced, NAACP Nashville, which is based in Wallen’s hometown, reached out him to meet and educate him on the history of the racial slur. He agreed to sit down with the organization, but it’s now being reported that the meeting never happened.

According to TMZ, Wallen reportedly ghosted NAACP Nashville after setting up a meeting. The organization’s president, Sheryl Guinn, says the singer’s team expressed interest in meeting with the organization so that Wallen could make things right and learn from his mistakes. However, when the moment came to set a time and date for the sit-down, the singer was nowhere to be found nor did he make an effort to ensure it occurred.

Guinn says the NAACP chapter never pressured the singer to meet with them and simply wanted an opportunity to educate him in hopes that he could become an advocate for racial equality. The news comes after Wallen went to Kid Rick’s Nashville Bar to perform his first show since the controversy.