Muna Pick Up Some Pom-Poms In Their Delightful New ‘Silk Chiffon’ Video Featuring Phoebe Bridgers

Cheerleading — it’s all the rage lately! Between Pom Pom Squad, Olivia Rodrigo, and now Muna‘s new “Silk Chiffon” video, I’m almost regretting not trying out for the squad in high school. (LOL, JK.) That said, LA electropop trio Muna, who recently signed to Phoebe Bridgers‘ label Saddest Factory Records, have dropped a fun new single and video, “Silk Chiffon,” which features a cameo from Bridgers.

Evoking candy-colored But I’m A Cheerleader imagery (if you haven’t seen that movie, stop what you’re doing right now and watch it), “Silk Chiffon” is directed by Ally Pankiw and features the Muna girls in full cheer garb, with a pink-haired Bridgers strumming a guitar and singing a verse from the balcony of what could be a sorority house. Talking about the poppy new track, guitarist Naomi McPherson said “Silk Chiffon” is “a song for kids to have their first gay kiss to.”

“I think what the music does is attempts to reach through the screens and reach through the headphones of the people that are listening to say: ‘Maybe you’re like us and maybe we’re like you, and maybe we’re all a lot more similar than we think,'” McPherson told NPR in 2019 about what their message is to fans.

Next up for Muna, the trio will be supporting Bridgers on her North American tour, kicking off September 8. They’ll also be supporting Kacey Musgraves on her 2022 tour.

Watch Muna’s delightful “Silk Chiffon” video above.