Move Over ‘L To The OG,’ ‘Succession’s Cousin Greg Just Released A Pandemic Anthem

One of the most memorable moments from the second season of HBO’s Succession was undoubtedly when Kendall Roy (played by Jeremy Strong) honored his father with a cringe-worthy rap song titled “L To The OG.” But, thanks to Cousin Greg (played by Emmy-nominated actor Nicholas Bruan), “L To The OG” has a new competitor: Bruan just released a pandemic-themed anthem titled “Antibodies.”

Braun’s tongue-in-cheek single was created after he posted the idea to Instagram and implored fans to help with the instrumentals. After penning the lyrics, Bruan knew the song had to be of the pop-punk persuasion and drew inspiration from Blink-182 and Papa Roach. “Do you have the antibodies? / ‘Cause if you don’t / You better stay away,” Braun sings a the chorus.

Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in an interview about the track, Braun said it was originally born out of quarantine boredom. Braun was staying at a friend’s house in LA and planned on going on a date before his friends advised him not to: “So I was in this two-week quarantine away from even my friends in this house and I think my brain just started turning like, what would make this okay? Or what would allow me to go on a social distance walk with somebody? And maybe it’s the antibodies. And, obviously, just felt like a punk song because it’s the word antibodies … I knew it had to be in the Blink 182, Papa Roach, POD realm.”

While the single may be less than serious, the actor knows the pandemic is no laughing matter. Proceeds from the track will benefit two charities, Partners In Health And Cope. Partners In Health is a global organization that helps people in communities that don’t receive adequate healthcare and Cope is a non-profit assisting the Navajo nation in the midst of the pandemic.

Listen to Braun’s “Antibodies (Do You Have The)” above.

Nicholas Bruan is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.