Nine Inch Nails Are Planning To Tour And Record New Music In 2020

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have given a lot of their creative focus to recording film scores over the past few years. In 2020, though, it seems they will spend at least some time working on new Nine Inch Nails things.

A Reddit user on the r/NIN subreddit uncovered part of a page from an upcoming interview with Reznor, from the January 2020 issue of Revolver. One sentence sticks out: “The band recently released ‘the definitive edition’ of its 2005 album With Teeth, and in 2020, Reznor and Ross plan to take the group back out on tour, as well as record new NIN music.”

There’s not much info beyond that about what else the group’s 2020 might entail. As one Reddit commenter noted, though, Nine Inch Nails’ touring drummer Ilan Rubin is also a member of Angels And Airwaves. That group is touring in January 2020, so NIN fans can almost certainly rule out a January tour for Nine Inch Nails.

The past few months have been big for Reznor. He and Ross released their three-volume Watchmen soundtrack, and Reznor managed to win a CMA thanks to Lil Nas X sampling him on “Old Town Road.” He also shared his thoughts on the song, calling it “undeniably hooky.”