An Oasis Cover Band And Its Audience Were Trapped In A Venue For Days And Oasis Wants Your Thoughts

Usually, going to see a cover band perform is good clean fun, a nice way to hear some of your favorite songs played by live musicians in a low-key setting. At the very least, it’s a solid way to kill a couple hours, but attendees of a recent Oasis tribute band performance ended up having to stay at the venue for multiple days.

On Friday in Yorkshire, England, an Oasis cover band called Noasis performed at Tan Hill Inn. Outside of the pub, though, the weather was getting serious and about three feet of snow fell. The extreme weather blocked the pub’s entrance and made the roads unsafe for driving, so patrons were forced to stay at the pub. Nicola Townsend, the pub’s manager, told BBC yesterday that 61 people had spent two days there.

She noted, though, that despite the circumstances, the environment was actually jovial, saying, “It’s just been a lovely and everyone is in really good spirits. They’ve formed quite a friendship, like a big family is the best way I can describe it. One lady actually said, ‘I don’t want to leave.'”

Townsend also said that the stuff kept the party going with activities to keep everybody entertained, like trivia, board games, and a karaoke night.

As of this afternoon, the situation has mostly been resolved. Townsend told The New York Times today, “We’ve only got two of our guests left. Young girls who are not confident to drive on the roads as they are, so they’ll stay tonight and go home tomorrow.”

Townsend indicated that because of the impromptu community the patrons had formed, the goodbyes were actually emotional “because we’ve had such a good time meeting new friends, getting to know new people.”

Oasis themselves caught wind of the story and wanted to get in on the fun, as they shared a tweet about it and added, “Caption this!” Fans responded with jokes like, “Don’t look back in anger and just wait for the sun to shiiiiiine,” and, “I can’t read this whole article, it’s behind a wonderpaywall.”

Meanwhile, Oasis fans are still waiting for something big related to the band to happen this year, as Liam Gallagher suggested towards the end of 2020 that something is coming in 2021, as he tweeted at his brother Noel, “2021 is our year.”