Oneohtrix Point Never Announces A New Album And Previews It With The First Three Tracks

Earlier this week, it looked like Daniel Lopatin was teasing something called Magic OPN. Well, that was just about right: Today, Oneohtrix Point Never has announced a new album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. To preview the record, Lopatin has shared a “Drive Time Suite,” which consists of the album’s first three tracks: “Cross Talk I,” “Auto & Allo,” and the Caroline Polachek-featuring “Long Road Home.”

Press materials note the album name (and therefore Lopatin’s own performing name) comes from “a misheard play on words of Boston’s Magic 106.7.” The album itself is described:

“[The album is] a nostalgic and self-referential career-defining body of work, collaging maximalist baroque-pop within atmospheric glitter. […] Lopatin turns the dial towards his own inner frequencies, drawing from the origins of OPN as a means to discover a new found sense of levity and spirit during tumultuous times. The structure of Magic Oneohtrix Point Never ‘mOPN’ itself loosely summons the broadcasting logic of radio dayparts, starting in the morning and ending overnight, latticed together with kaleidoscopic, twitchy transformations of sound between the dials.”

Listen to the new songs above and find the Magic Oneohtrix Point Never art and tracklist below.

Warp Records

1. “Cross Talk I”
2. “Auto & Allo”
3. “Long Road Home”
4. “Cross Talk II”
5. “I Don’t Love Me Anymore”
6. “Bow Ecco”
7. “The Whether Channel”
8. “No Nightmares”
9. “Cross Talk III”
10. “Tales From the Trash Stratum”
11. “Answering Machine”
12. “Imago”
13. “Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys”
14. “Lost But Never Alone”
15. “Shifting”
16. “Wave Idea”
17. “Nothing’s Special”

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never is out 10/30 via Warp. Pre-order it here.