Pearl Jam Launch An Initiative To Encourage Fans To Vote By Mail

Since the band’s inception, Pearl Jam have been active in pushing fans to exercise their right to vote. In 1992, two years after the group formed, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band hosted the free Drop In The Park concert in Seattle where they registered thousands of new voters. They did something similar in 2018 when they performed in Montana and additionally registered thousands of their fans to vote. Now, Pearl Jam is launching a new initiative that helps fans secure a mail-in ballot for the upcoming November election.

The PJ Votes 2020 initiative makes it easy for fans to sign up to vote by mail in the coming months. Pearl Jam’s plan is simple, they want fans to vote by mail, encourage three friends to do the same, and not wait to sign up for a mail-in ballot. Citizens can either register to vote on Pearl Jam’s website or by texting “PJVotes” to 52886.

Speaking about the new initiative, Eddie Vedder said, “We believe America is at its best when every voice is heard. This is the most important election in our nation’s history. Our democracy is at risk. Your vote is your voice, and it’s time to use it. Join us by voting by mail — something our band has been doing for almost three decades, since we began touring in 1992. It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s secure.”

Bassist Jeff Ament echoed Vedder’s statement: “Voting freely and easily is our ultimate right as citizens of these United States. It’s a hard-fought gift from our foremothers and forefathers.”

Find more information about the PJ Votes initiative here.