Petey Has A Heart-To-Heart On The Climactic ‘Don’t Tell The Boys’

Petey is a unique creature, combining elements of emo, electronic, and folk music into a sound that is unmistakably Petey. He dropped his short-but-sweet High Life From The Bottle On The Beach EP earlier this year, and now he’s back with more new music, the climactic “Don’t Tell The Boys.”

The track features some characteristically silly lyrics about things like The OC, but also some more heartfelt words, including the closing lyrics, “Don’t tell the boys that we just had our little talk / You know in tougher times, us guys decide we’d rather walk the walk / I’ll always be a lending ear, I’ll be your elephant best friend / Don’t tell the boys we’ve got each other, and I’ll love you ’til the end.”

In mid-September, as part of a run of Gen-Z-themed tweets, Petey tweeted, “Hey party people. sorry to bother you… I just wanted to make an announcement that yes I am gen z. And I will be releasing lit music on spotify soon.” That same day, he noted, “I’m releasing an ep on October 9th called checkin’ up on buds.” There doesn’t appear to have been a more official announcement made about a Petey EP titled Checkin’ Up On Buds, so keep an eye on Petey this Friday in case that drops.

Meanwhile, we spoke with Petey back in May and he shared advice for his 18-year-old self that could apply to anybody at any stage of life: “Let time do its thing. Don’t be scared. Get scuba certification. Be nice. Talking sh*t is a projection of your own insecurity. Take advice with a grain of salt. Stop trying to read, just listen and look at stuff for a really long time. Trust yourself. Stop trying to focus. Keep spacing out. Don’t buy new clothes. Don’t be embarrassed. Try to make choices out of love not fear. Increase physical strength.”

Watch the “Don’t Tell The Boys” video above.

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