Petey’s Chaotic New Single ‘We Go On Walks’ Is A Reflection On Friendship

Petey is one of those artists who was perfectly suited for TikTok, and just happened to blow up on the video platform while he was readying his debut album. Although this record won’t be the first that real heads have heard from the rising indie artist, it definitely seems poised to break him out in a new way. A few weeks ago he announced that project is finally ready, and Lean Into Life will be coming out via Terrible Records in early September.

He shared the title track with the record announcement, and today he’s sharing another new single from the record, this one called “We Go On Walks,” and it’s a little harsher than his first song. Featuring a sort of call and response dialogue with Petey singing both parts, the song kicks off with a “hey motherf*cker” refrain that tapers off into a quieter, synth-driven chorus. The chaotic, sometimes aggressive facets of the song are pretty reflective of how plenty of people are feeling after the last 18 months of confusing pandemic-related isolation, as is the practice of going on walks, so it feels very much like a song of its time.

Or, maybe it’s just a Seinfeld-ian song about nothing. “We Go On Walks’ is a fun song I made mostly on my computer,” Petey said of the track. “It’s about going on a walk with a friend but you don’t really talk about anything, but it’s still nice and necessary.”

Check out the new single above.

Lean Into Life is out 9/3 via Terrible Records. Pre-order it here.