Phoebe Bridgers Reveals The Only Thing She Has In Common With Donald Trump

On the day the Grammy nominations were announced last year, Phoebe Bridgers was still asleep. By the time the Recording Academy had nominated her album Punisher for four awards, she was just waking up to a bombardment of text messages and missed calls. “I just woke up what,” she had tweeted in response to the exciting news.

Bridgers recently spoke to Nylon Magazine for a cover story about experiencing her breakout in quarantine. Recalling the way she found out about her Grammy nominations through other people, she noted the only thing she has in common with soon-to-be-former president Donald Trump. “When Trump was elected, he would have people every morning send him all his good press,” she told Nylon, which noted she gave a knowing eye roll. “I feel like that. I don’t have to seek out press because it’s sent to me. I don’t go to creep on comment sections and sh*t, I think it would drive me f*cking insane.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bridgers offered some insight into the next steps of her career. The singer said it might be a while before her next album because she hasn’t been able to write music in quarantine. “I’ve written less [new music in quarantine] than you’d think,” she said. “It’s exhausting to write about what’s going on, and it’s exhausting to not write about what’s going on.”

Bridgers also noted that she’s hesitant to start touring any time soon. “The whole system is going to be so overrun with people touring,” she said. “I know by the time that I play a show, it will be safe. I will not be in the first wave of people who I’m sure are going to f*ck it up.” Bridgers added: “The Chainsmokers already did that,” referring to the massive outdoor concert they threw in July.

Punisher is out now via Dead Oceans. Get it here.

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