Phoebe Bridgers Explores An Old Opera House In Her ‘I Know The End’ Performance On ‘Late Night’

Like many other artists who released an album amid the pandemic lockdown, Phoebe Bridgers was forced to get creative for her virtual performances in place of live sets — and she did. The singer performed a “world tour” shortly after releasing Punisher, which consisted of livestreams from her bathtub, kitchen, and bedroom. For her Tiny Desk concert, Bridgers sang from the Oval Office. Now, for her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Bridgers was able to find a more mobile setting.

For her late-night performance, Bridgers opted to give a rendition of her track “I Know The End.” Sporting a vintage lace dress, Bridgers explored an opulent opera house while delivering lyrics to her touching track. Opening in a grandiose greenroom which she decked out with antique lamps, the singer moved effortlessly through each room, eventually arriving on the stage and finishing off the track to a room of empty seats.

Ahead of her Seth Meyers performance, Bridgers spoke to Uproxx about her headspace while writing “I Know The End:” “I was talking to a friend the other day about what separates the millennial generation from other generations, and for the most part, we’re the first generation to not really be living for the next generation. So many people fought for a better world before us, like our parents. And now we’re just fighting to even stay alive. People have stopped romanticizing the future. I just feel like I could never imagine a time beyond now. I used to know what my life would look like in eight months, now I certainly don’t.”

Watch Bridgers sing “I Know The End” on Late Night With Seth Meyers above.

Punisher is out now via Dead Oceans. Get it here.