Phoebe Bridgers Kisses An Elderly Woman In Her Evocative New ‘I Know The End’ Video

Phoebe Bridgers’ new album, Punisher, really ends with a bang thanks to the epic “I Know The End.” Now, the musician has shared a visual for the track, and it’s equally eventful.

In the cinematic clip, Bridgers begins almost fully submerged in a tub. She emerges, wearing her now-signature skeleton outfit and heads to a locker room full of them. A young girl rolls an apple to Bridgers, who takes a bite from it, drops the fruit, and during the song’s climax, runs to an empty stadium. There, she joins her band in performing the rest of the song. At the end of the clip, Bridgers approaches an older woman (who looks like she could be future version of Bridgers) enjoying the performance. They grab each other’s faces, scream, and kiss.

Bridgers told Uproxx about the track in a recent interview, saying, “It’s my first end of the world song. Conor Oberst and I were joking about how he’s been writing apocalyptic songs since the beginning of time. And now his material’s going to feel like old news. I was imagining a giant tornado, or California separating from the rest of the United States. It definitely feels relevant, but in my brain it was just an invention. […] I was talking to a friend the other day about what separates the millennial generation from other generations, and for the most part, we’re the first generation to not really be living for the next generation. So many people fought for a better world before us, like our parents. And now we’re just fighting to even stay alive. People have stopped romanticizing the future. I just feel like I could never imagine a time beyond now. I used to know what my life would look like in eight months, now I certainly don’t. ”

Watch the “I Know The End” video above, and read our recent interview with Bridgers here.