Phoebe Bridgers Stayed In Bed To Perform ‘Kyoto’ On ‘The Late Late Show’

Phoebe Bridgers has been one of the more creative remote performers during the pandemic, and she brought some of that magic to The Late Late Show last night for her performance of “Kyoto.”

The video begins with her laying in bed before she grabs a microphone and launches into the song. After checking her phone, she gets out of bed and somehow finds herself in Carnegie Hall. Bridgers explained the performance in a chat with Corden ahead of it, saying, “Well, I’m technically right here, but I’m green-screening into Carnegie Hall, which was strangely… I played a benefit concert for Tibet House and Carnegie Hall was the last place I played for human beings in a room. So I’m green-screening into Carnegie Hall with my very close friend Rob Moose. […] So he’s green-screening from New York and I’m in LA.”

Elsewhere during their conversation, Bridgers revealed that her mother often takes to Twitter to defend her against Twitter haters, saying, “If an anonymous account hates you for saying something negative about me, it’s a 95-percent chance it’s my mother.” She also talked about the origins of her friendship with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, which stemmed from the similarity between their names.

Watch Bridgers perform “Kyoto” on The Late Late Show above.