Phoebe Bridgers Smashes A Ukulele In Her Latest Bit Of Instrument Destruction

Smashing guitars has become a major part of Phoebe Bridgers’ career story in recent months thanks to her famous Saturday Night Live performance and the reactions that ensued. At least for now, she appears to be done destroying guitars, but not stringed instruments overall, as she has channeled her destructive abilities into pulverizing a ukulele.

She does so in a new trailer for the upcoming Showtime series Ziwe, a variety series from comedian and writer Ziwe Fumudoh, who, among other endeavors, is a writer for Desus & Mero. In what looks like an interview clip, Fumudoh, ukulele in hand, suggests to somebody off-camera, “We could break these ukuleles.” The shot then changes to Bridgers, who holds her own ukulele and declares, “Yeah, I’d love that.” The two then get to destroying the instruments by smashing them on the ground.

During a recent interview segment on CNN, Bridgers said of her fateful guitar-smashing moment on SNL, “I’ve always wanted to do it, and when I mentioned it to the show, they built me this whole monitor that would look like it was exploding even if I wasn’t hitting it that hard. So yeah, [it was] just a bucket list thing.”

Watch the Ziwe trailer above.