Phoebe Bridgers Won’t Write Dan Levy A Song In A New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

A time-honored tradition at Saturday Night Live is having the week’s guest host and musical guest join a cast member to film some quick off-the-cuff promos for the show. Phoebe Bridgers is set to take the SNL stage this weekend, so she, host Dan Levy, and SNL‘s Aidy Bryant got in front of a camera and did their thing.

In the first promo, Bryant hypes up Levy and Bridgers to put on a funny show, saying that she expects Bridgers’ songs to be “Weird Al-level” hilarious. Bridgers deadpanned in response, “They’re not,” which sent Bryant into a panic, which got Bridgers laughing under her mask. In the second clip, Levy suggests that Bridgers write a song for him since they’ve been bonding over the past week, but Bridgers shot that idea down, saying, “I think I’m good on that. Thanks, though.”

When it was revealed that Bridgers had landed the SNL musical guest gig, she offered a very Bridgers reaction to the news by sharing a photo of herself with running mascara. Bridgers has shown that she has a strong sense of humor, so hopefully she pops up in a sketch this coming weekend.

Watch the new SNL promo above.