PinkPantheress Hosts A Subdued Live Show In Her ‘Just For Me’ Video

UK DIY upstart PinkPantheress has shared a new video for her bouncy single “Just For Me.” The brief clip, which is co-directed by the singer, shows PinkPantheress hosting a subdued live show. Against a stark white background, a small audience watches, and some members embrace. There’s also lots of ancient technology present, including CDs and flip phones. Just enough to make an elder millennial start digging their own grave. Just kidding — the video is just as much fun as the rapid-fire pop track, which PinkPantheress has described as “a song based around unhealthy obsession and is almost a part two to pain.”

PinkPantheress remains a largely anonymous pop breakout; according to a few interviews she’s done, the songs she’s released were written in her college dorm in London (“I have my uni work to do, and I didn’t have the luxury of a recording studio or ‘creative me-time,’” she’s said). Aesthetically, PinkPantheress draws significant influence from Lily Allen, ’90s and ’00s pop and punk acts, and K-pop. “A lot of my melody choices are from pop-punk bands like Blink-182 and Good Charlotte,” she told Dazed. “Some of the more complex melodies derive from early Panic! At The Disco, the beat choices are inspired by a lot of K-pop, Linkin Park, Frou Frou, and British dance music.”

Watch the “Just For Me” video above.

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