Porter Robinson Announces His First New Album In Nearly Seven Years With The Uplifting ‘Look At The Sky’

The most recent Porter Robinson album, Worlds, dropped in mid-2014. That was nearly seven years ago, which is an eternity in the music world these days. Fortunately, Robinson is set to make his return: His second album, Nurture, is set for release on April 23.

He previewed the album today with “Look At The Sky,” an uplifting number on which Robinson addresses his creative insecurities, singing on the chorus, “Look at the sky, I’m still here / I’ll be alive next year / I can make something good, oh / Something good.” Robinson says of the track:

“‘Look At The Sky’ is fundamentally a song about hope. There’s no shortage of fuel for despair, but you can’t take meaningful action to improve things if you don’t have some belief that things might get better. That’s what hope is, and I think it’s an emotion worth nourishing. I wrote this song at my lowest point emotionally, when I thought I couldn’t make music anymore, and I wasn’t sure if my existence would have any meaning if I couldn’t make music. In the lyrics, I’m sort of imagining what life would be like once I was on the other side of all that fear and anxiety and sadness. I’m happy to report that it’s amazing on the other side of all this, and I’m so glad I had hope and persisted.”

Listen to “Look At The Sky” above and check out the Nurture art below.


Nurture is out 4/23 via Mom+Pop. Pre-order it here.