Corporate Suits Are Rounded Up In Radiohead’s ‘If You Say The Word’ Video

Earlier in September, Radiohead announced plans to release an LP of unreleased songs, titled Kid A Mnesia, out November 5 via XL. Along with “alternate versions and elements” of Kid A and Amnesiac album tracks and B-sides, Kid A Mnesia features two new songs: “If You Say The Word” and a previously unreleased studio recording of “Follow Me Around.” Today, the band has shared a cinematic new video for “If You Say The Word” directed by Kasper Häggström.

Though the video does not feature any band members, “If You Say The Word” does tell a thought-provoking story where suit-wearing people are rounded up in the forest, put in a giant truck, and toted over to the city, where they are handed suitcases and pointed in the direction of the nearest office building. Only the suit-wearing folk don’t seem to know what to do (one just stares at a revolving door, unsure how to proceed). Others hold their suitcases from the bottom and poke around at rolled-up newspapers. (I mean, I think we all feel this type of way about returning to the office in 2021. Amirite?)

Watch Radiohead’s “If You Say The Word” video above. Kid A Mnesia is out 11/5 via XL. Pre-order it here.