Radiohead Celebrate 21 Years Of ‘Kid A’ And ‘Amnesiac’ With A New Album Of Unreleased Material

Radiohead are celebrating 21 years of their landmark fourth and fifth albums, Kid A and Amnesiac, with an LP of unreleased songs, titled Kid Amnesiae, out November 5 via XL. Along with “alternate versions and elements” of Kid A and Amnesiac album tracks and B-sides, Kid A Mnesia features two new songs: “If You Say The Word,” which is out today as a digital single, and the previously unreleased studio recording of “Follow Me Around.”

Back in 2009, Radiohead released a special collector’s edition of Kid A, and last year, to mark its 20th anniversary, the band dropped an extended version of “Treefingers.” Meanwhile, in 2017, Radiohead reissued Kid A‘s predecessor, OK Computer, as OKNOTOK 1997 2017.

As Uproxx critic Steven Hyden has previously noted, Radiohead originally considered releasing the songs from Kid A and Amnesiac as a double LP, but instead opted to put out Kid A in the fall of 2000, and Amnesiac the following summer: “When Kid A was released, some critics were disappointed that the more conventional ‘Radiohead-sounding’ songs performed on the band’s summer European tour — including ‘Knives Out’ and ‘Pyramid Song’ (then dubbed ‘Egyptian Song’) — didn’t make it on the record. Kid A was deliberately sequenced as a monochromatic mood piece with a heavy emphasis on suffocating emotional paralysis. The more dynamic material was reserved for Amnesiac, which also became a clearinghouse for Radiohead’s weirdest songs from the sessions. The result was a willfully inconsistent (though often thrilling) listen.”

Listen to “If You Say The Word” above. and find the Kid A Mnesia tracklist below.

1. “Like Spinning Plates” (‘Why Us?’ Version)
2. “Untitled V1”
3. “Fog” (Again Again Version)
4. “If You Say The Word”
5. “Follow Me Around”
6. “Pulk/Pull” (True Love Waits Version)
7. “Untitled V2”
8. “The Morning Bell (In The Dark Version)”
9. “Pyramid Strings”
10. “Alt. Fast Track”
11. “Untitled V3”
12. “How To Disappear Into Strings”

Kid A Mnesia is out 11/5 via XL. Pre-order it here.