Ratboys Make A Country Pivot With Their Delightfully Breezy New Single ‘Go Outside’

Ratboys had an excellent indie-rock album last year with Printer’s Devil, but their latest single isn’t quite in that same vein. Today, they dropped “Go Outside,” and it goes in a stronger country direction than does their previous material. The band slathers the twang on thick here as they sing about things they wish to do, with lyrics like, “I wanna be eloquent / I wanna take all my best friends / And show ’em where I live / I wanna be so eloquent.”

While these sort of yearning lyrics could have been written during the pandemic, they actually weren’t. The band wrote on Twitter of the track, “we wrote this song in 2019, but we’re feelin’ the lyrics now more than ever. sending love out to u & we can’t wait to see u again soon.” They further explained in a statement, “We wrote this song on a whim when we were home in between tours in April 2019. It’s this carefree and wistful, totally innocent song about wanting to travel and spend time with loved ones. We didn’t realize that we wouldn’t be able to do either of those things before long.”

Listen to “Go Outside” above and revisit our interview with the band here.