Rex Orange County Hopes To Rebound From A Rough Year On His Optimistic New Single “10/10”

In 2017, Rex Orange County released his second album, Apricot Princess, which followed-up his 2016 debut, Bcos U Will Never B Free. There is no announced third album on the horizon as of yet, but today, Rex Orange County has shared a new song called “10/10.” On the track, he reveals that 2018 wasn’t the best year for him, but that he’s hopeful for the future, singing in the opening verse, “I had a year that nearly sent me off the edge / I feel like a five, I can’t pretend / But if I get my sh*t together this year / Maybe I’ll be a ten.”

This is Rex Orange County’s second new song of the year. On Valentines Day, he shared “New House,” writing of it, “Thea is my valentine….. and whether you’re in love today or not, this is is for you, from me.”

Although there’s no official word about Rex Orange County’s next album yet, when he released “New House,” he also wrote that he’s in a better place than he once was, and indicated that he has more new material on the way: “Life is weird and it seems like everyone has a difficult time in one way or another. the greatest things always seem to come with a level of confusion that makes it easy to question whether anything matters….. with that being said, i must confirm that i still love doing this and that i’m beyond grateful for all the support I’ve been shown. life is good. i’m happier today than i was for the majority of last year.”

Watch the video for “10/10” above.