Ryan Pollie Goes On A Jaunty Multi-Part Journey With ‘The Shore House’

Ryan Pollie is formerly known as Los Angeles Police Department, and last year, he took on yet another moniker with his Total Revenge project. Now, though, he’s back to making music under his own name (as he did on his 2019 self-titled album) with a new single, “The Shore House.” It starts as a breezy tune with some pep in its step before going through multiple other moods and musical ideas, so it’s fitting that Pollie describes the track as “a concept album within a song:

“Featuring a ripping guitar solo by Michael Rault, ‘Shore House’ is a concept album within a song. There is a chromatic breakdown that features a desk bell and gym whistle and a chorus that strips down to my voice, a string quartet and a lonely harpist. Inspired by my father, ‘The Shore House’ is a story about a man raising children in suburbia. The character grew up at the shore and always thought he would see his kids grow up next to the beach as well. Now stuck in the mundanity of a predictable suburban life, he dreams of the waves and longs for even just a weekend back home at the shore.”

Of his upcoming music and life in general, he noted that things are going exceptionally: “I felt so much support from our music community when I had Cancer that it’s absolutely necessary to say my thanks here. Artists, journalists, industry folk and the like — reaching out and checking in… I truly appreciate it. Quick update — I’ve been in remission for 3 years almost, which is HUGE. Every year that goes by, the more in the clear I am. Of course the music you’re going to be hearing from me has a bit to do with when I was sick and what I’ve been pondering about my own life and life in general since then. Looking back, regret, and the like. But this is certainly the most joyous material I’ve ever released — my sad boy 22-year-old self would be in disbelief!”

Watch the video for “The Shore House” above.