Samia Falls In Love With A Literal Dummy In Her ‘Triptych’ Video

Budding songwriter Samia is gearing up for the release of her debut album, The Baby, which arrives in full Friday. So far, the singer has teased the upcoming release with a handful of powerful singles. Giving fans one last taste of the project, Samia shares a visual to “Triptych,” a final single which showcases her moving and wistful songwriting.

Directed by Fred Hechinger, the visual depicts Samia finding unexpected love with a ventriloquist dummy. The pair share intimate and at times awkward moments on Samia’s journey to self discovery, underscored by the tender ballad.

In a statement alongside the visual’s release, Samia said she was inspired to write the song after reading a book about a noted artist:

“I wrote ‘Triptych’ sobbing in a green room in Denver. I’d just read the story of Francis Bacon and his lover/muse, George Dyer, whose chaotic lifestyle served as Bacon’s artistic inspiration. George Dyer overdosed in the bathroom of a hotel room paid for by Bacon, who famously painted a triptych of his lover’s final moments. I had just been through a pretty tough breakup and felt I might be purposefully getting myself into dicey situations to justify my big feelings and write about them. ‘Triptych’ was a pretty blatant cry for help and an opportunity to confess my fear of being misunderstood.”

Watch Samia’s “Triptych” video above.

The Baby is out 8/28 via Grand Jury Music. Pre-order it here.