Skullcrusher Shares The Chilling Track ‘Farm’ And A Wistful Cover Of Radiohead’s ‘Lift’

Helen Ballentine introduced the world to her moniker Skullcrusher with her 4-track self-titled EP back in July. Her gentle melodies and enthralling lyrical delivery quickly captured a large fanbase. Riding the momentum of her EP, Skullcrusher returns with two new songs.

Skullcrusher’s track “Farm” arrived alongside an artful video. Directed by Silken Weinberg, the visual depicts Skullcrusher as the lead role in her own play. The singer holds a glazed look as the set continuously morphs around her.

About “Farm,” Skullcrusher said she was inspired by reflecting on vignettes of her childhood:

“‘Farm’ was created out of time I spent reflecting on my childhood and family. The process of developing it to its current version ended up being really tied to these reflections. Noah and I were visiting my family on the East Coast when the decision was made to release it in the coming months. We went up to a studio in Woodstock, a couple hours from where I grew up, and recorded the song in a day. I was able to gather a lot of really nostalgic sounds from the area: crickets, cicadas, the beach in CT and the creaking of old homes. I had the ability to really talk through the memories and emotions of the song and how they could be manifested sonically.”

Along with “Farm,” Skullcrusher also appeased fans with a cover of Radiohead’s 1997 track “Lift.” Infusing her own style into the track, the singer transformed the song into a wistful ballad complete with banjo, rolling snares, and Skullcrusher’s folksy lilt.

Watch “Farm” and listen to Skullcrusher’s “Lift” Radiohead cover above.