Sleater-Kinney Shared A Live Version Of Another New Track, ‘Broken’

08.14.19 2 weeks ago

Sleater-Kinney‘s new album The Center Won’t Hold is out this Friday, and ahead of the record’s release, the band shared another sneak peek at a new song.

We’ve already heard “Hurry On Home,” “The Future Is Here,” “The Center Won’t Hold” and “Can I Go On,” and now S-K has uploaded the album’s closing track “Broken” to YouTube. Instead of the official studio version, S-K gave us a live, home-recorded version of the song.

In the video, Carrie Brownstein sits at the piano while Corin Tucker sings. In the minimalist production, Tucker’s voice shines, and the song’s vulnerable lyrics cut deep. According to a timestamp on the video, it was only just recorded on August 12.

In July, drummer Janet Weiss announced that she would be leaving the band. Sleater-Kinney will embark on a tour this fall without Weiss. You can check out the list of dates below, and watch the live video for “Broken” above.

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