Sleater-Kinney Unveils A New Band Lineup For Their ‘Late Show’ Performance Of ‘Worry With You’

The version of Sleater-Kinney that recorded their latest album, Path Of Wellness, isn’t the same group fans had come to know before then, since drummer Janet Weiss left the group in 2019. Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker have moved on, though, functioning as a duo on their new record. They brought a taste of that album to The Late Show last night for a pre-shot performance of “Worry With You.”

Notably, it wasn’t just Brownstein and Tucker performing. Ahead of the show, the band shared some behind-the-scenes photos from shooting their performance and tagged all the members of their new band: Fabi Reyna (of the bands Sávila and Reyna Tropical), Galen Clark (of Outer Orbit and Trio Subtonic), Vincent LiRocchi, and Bill Athens. It’s not clear if Brownstein and Tucker will tour with this lineup going forward or if this group was assembled for this specific performance.

The post reads, “Some BTS from our performance on @colbertlateshow, which airs tonight. Carrie smiling, Corin lamenting her shoe choice and amount of leg work required for filming inside a pool, Carrie pointing to the ceiling while Corin and Fabi pretend they care, the full band setting up.”

Watch the performance above.

Path Of Wellness is out now via Mom+Pop. Get it here.