Sleater-Kinney Commits Sales Of Rare Merch To Benefit Black Lives Matter

With protests happening in all 50 states that aim to condemn police brutality and the murder of George Floyd, many musicians have vocalized their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Halsey detailed being shot by rubber bullets at a protest, Bon Iver offered audio equipment to aid demonstrators, and Kanye West gave an impressive $2 million donation. Now, Sleater-Kinney is doing what they can to raise money for the Black Lives Matter organization.

Sleater-Kinney, the now-duo consisting of Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker, is raising money through merch sales. The band is donating all proceeds from the sales of their tour T-shirts and a rare “Animal” 7-inch, which was only available at a handful of shows.

Announcing their fundraiser on social media, the band wrote that they are committed to fighting injustice: “Like many of you, we are outraged, and we stand in solidarity with the fight against police brutality, systemic racism and white supremacy. We must not only show up for racial justice but also hold ourselves accountable, and engage in the work of being anti-racist.”

Along with offering financial donations to Black Lives Matter, Sleater-Kinney has compiled a list of other organizations to support, as well as ways to learn about and engage in fighting against white supremacy. The lengthy list includes national organizations as well as non-profit groups in Sleater-Kinney’s Portland hometown.

Check out Sleater-Kinney’s merch on their website here.