Soccer Mommy Had To Postpone A Virtual ‘Club Penguin’ Event Because The Site Was Overloaded

Since most concerts have been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, artists have been getting creative with how they’re connecting with their fans. A lot of them have been hosting livestream concerts or other sorts of online broadcasts, and Soccer Mommy wanted to try something similar but different. Yesterday, she was set to host a Color Theory listening party and Q&A on Club Penguin, but she was forced to postpone the event because the site’s servers got too busy.

The original Club Penguin website, which previously hosted the popular MMO game since 2005, shut down in 2017. However, Club Penguin Rewritten, which aims to offer an experience similar to that of the original site, has since sprung up in its place.

That’s where Soccer Mommy wanted to make her event happen, and she wrote yesterday, “tonight’s the night! log on to club penguin (@CPRewritten) at 5pm pt / 8pm et / 1am bst to meet us as penguins and listen to a ‘color theory’ followed by a live in-game q + a! make sure you’re on at that time to collect some special items by meeting all band members.”

Before the event was supposed to start, though, she shared that the site was having technical issues, and eventually, the event had to be postponed. She tweeted, “hey guys, really sorry but we’ve got to postpone the club penguin event. so many of you showed up that it overloaded the servers. working on a solution and we’ll have an update on a new date for this soon!”

Soccer Mommy recently kicked off NPR’s new at-home Tiny Desk Concert series, and during the performance, she spoke about what she’s been up to lately, saying, “I’ve been stuck inside, like many of you, for… what, I don’t even know how many days now, I’ve lost track. I’ve pretty much just been writing and recording music, and playing Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing and Pokémon. So it’s been kind of chill, I guess.”

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