Spoon Share A Piano-Led ‘Inside Out’ Demo, As Part Of A Series Of Rarity Releases

Now that Spoon has concluded their tour with Cage The Elephant and Beck, their plan for the rest of the year is to go into the archives and share some rare material with their fans. They have done so today by dropping a piano-led demo of “Inside Out.” It is much different from the version of the song that appears on the 2014 album They Want My Soul, but in terms of style and the fact that the demo is about three minutes shorter.

The demo comes as part of a series of rare recordings the band is set to release digitally for the first time. So far, the group has shared a filmed recording session for “My Mathematical Mind,” as well as a live 2006 performance of “I Summon You.” Over the course of the next month, the band will continue sharing new rarities every Tuesday and Thursday, with new singles comes on November 19, December 3, and December 10.

Britt Daniel previously said of “Inside Out” in a recent interview, “I wrote that on piano. It was just the chords and a melody, and I remember singing it for my girlfriend and at the time and she was not impressed. I was like ‘Are you kidding me? I know this is f*cking great!’ And then it kind of just existed as this piano vocal song for a long time. I knew something was good about it, but we were making I Want Your Soul and I didn’t want to have just a vocal and piano song on there, it felt we had done that too much already. So we put a beat to it that was sort of stolen from this Dr. Dre song. Then we used that kick-snare pattern and Alex [Fischel] came up with the idea of a harp sound on a keyboard. Then it sounded like something we’d never done before.”

Listen to the demo of “Inside Out” above, and revisit the official version of the song below. Also read our interview with Daniel here.