St. Vincent And Carrie Brownstein’s ‘The Nowhere Inn’ Trailer Teases An Erotic Dakota Johnson Cameo

St. Vincent may have just released her ’70s-inspired album Daddy’s Home, but that’s not the only release she’s been working on lately. She and Carrie Brownstein star in the upcoming mockumentary film The Nowhere Inn, and they’ve just released a teaser trailer featuring trippy visuals, cowboys, and an erotic Dakota Johnson cameo.

Directed by Bill Benz, St. Vincent described The Nowhere Inn on Twitter as a “bananas art film.” The story follows St. Vincent as she calls on Brownstein to film a documentary about the difference between her real-life and on-stage personas. It was originally released at Sundance Film Festival in 2020, but has been pushed back for an theatrical premiere on September 17, 2021.

The new film teaser features a snippet of St. Vincent’s talking head interview from the film. She begins by saying she planned on making a run-of-the-mill music documentary before things went “terribly wrong” during the filming process:

“It was supposed to be a music documentary; concert footage, interviews. I wanted people to know who I really am. One of the reasons why I wanted to make a documentary in the first place was because I would finally be in control of my narrative. A small part of me was starting to second guess myself. All I can say is that somewhere along the way, thing went terribly wrong.”

Watch The Nowhere Inn trailer above and see it premiere in theaters September 17.