St. Vincent Is Collaborating On STV.OV, A Line Of Comfortable Athletic Clothes For Women

St. Vincent has sat alongside a catwalk or two in her day, but high fashion isn’t the only type of clothing that interests her: Today, Annie Clark has announced she has teamed up with clothing brand Outdoor Voices for STV.OV, a line of comfortable and wearable athletic clothing for women.

Clark wrote on Twitter, “I am very excited to announce my clothing collaboration w/ @OutdoorVoices! It may come as a shock to some, but team sports & exercise have been a massive part of my life since I was young. I have tried every manner of exercise clothes & never found the perfect fit or design. So when OV, A Texas-based, female-founded-and-run-company, approached me about collaborating, I was thrilled! I hope you guys enjoy it. I think you will. If you don’t, I’m sure I’ll hear about that, too.”

Outdoor Voices describes the line, “St. Vincent, the multi-faceted artist behind this collection, embodies everything that gets us moving — a creative spirit, endorphin-heavy days, and personal spunk that shines in her music. The STV.OV collection is a system that works together as a whole. Carefully curated silhouettes in universal colors, this modular uniform is made for mixing and matching with ease. Free for creativity. Free for movement. Free for Doing Things.”

Clark also spoke about the collaboration in a new Paper feature, saying that she has always believed athletic clothing for females could be much better: “I had a lot of thoughts of how it could be improved. Like, ‘this chaffes, or pinches, or gives a horrible camel toe.’ […] I’ve never found an athletic bra that I’ve loved; I’ve never found the perfect pair of biker shorts. I’ve never found these things that I wear pretty much every day that I really, really love. And it would just take these simple tweaks! The width and depth of the waistband, the seaming.”

She went on to summarize the collection, “It’s comfortable and it’s pretty or tough or flattering or any other ways you want to look. I think people will be able to live their lives in it, and that’s exciting, for people to spend more time thinking about things other than the clothes they’re wearing.”

Watch the STV.OV announcement video about, and check out the collection here.