St. Vincent Sends A Special Thanks To The Artists That Inspired Her On ‘The Melting Of The Sun’

With the turn of the calendar into the month of April, we’re officially a month and some change away from a new St. Vincent album, Daddy’s Home. The project was made official at the end of February thanks to street posters that were put up to kick off the album’s promotional campaign. With just six weeks left until the project is released, St. Vincent returns with a second single from the project, “The Melting Of The Sun.”

On the track, which features co-production from Jack Antonoff, St. Vincent takes the opportunity to thank some of the artists who have inspired her in her career. This includes Joni Mitchell and Marilyn Monroe as she sings, “Saint Joni ain’t no phony / Smoking reds where Furry sang the blues / My Marilyn shot her heroin / Hell she said it’s better than abuse.”

St. Vincent began the rollout for Daddy’s Home with her “Pay Your Way In Pain” song and video. She also spoke about the project and what listeners can expect it to sound like.

“I would say it’s the sound of being down and out downtown in New York, 1973,” she said. “Glamour that hasn’t slept for three days. […] I went back to these records that I probably listened to more in my life than at any other time. Music made in New York from 1971 to ’76, typically post-flower child, kick the hippie idealism out of it, America’s in a recession but pre-disco, the sort of gritty, raw, wiggly nihilistic part of that.”

Listen to “The Melting Of The Sun” in the video above.

Daddy’s Home is out 5/14 via Loma Vista. Pre-order it here.