Steady Holiday Tries Her Best TikTok Dance Moves In The ‘Sunny In The Making’ Video

Steady Holiday has been teasing her third studio album, Taking The Corners Gently, with a handful of breezy singles. Most recently, the singer shared the poignant ballad “Love Me When I Go To Sleep” with a video of her serenading her 92-year-old grandpa through the phone. She now celebrates the release of the record with a playful video alongside her track “Sunny In The Making.”

Directed by Isaac Ravishankara, the video is a spoof on a TikTok dance video. Steady Holiday tries her best moves, but she can’t seem to keep up the steadfast enthusiasm that’s oftentimes seen in viral videos on the app.

Speaking about the album in a statement, Steady Holiday said it’s her way of “embracing uncertainty:”

Take The Corners Gently was written during a recent period of turmoil in my life. The details aren’t mine alone to share, but the experience was an opportunity to examine how deeply I pay attention to the people and world around me. To notice where I put my energy, and what I might be missing. It’s an album about embracing uncertainty, relinquishing what can’t be controlled, appreciating moments as they happen. And if we don’t get that far, it’s also about celebrating the attempt to.”

Watch Steady Holiday’s “Sunny In The Making” video above.

Taking The Corners Gently is out now. Get it here.